South Africa’s newest rapper has hit the music scene hard. He’s part of the IV League, a trio that has produced some of the hottest beats to date for rappers in Mzansi. (I’m such a fan of their work)

So there I am on a Saturday evening, Radio channel hopping. I come across Tbo Touch’s show and he’s about to drop AKA’s latest single “All I Know”. I gotta hear this, because AKA’s single Victory Lap is a force to be reckoned with and of course IV League is on the beat, and I’m anxious to hear if he can top VL.

Victory Lap is currently number 1 on the Metro Fm (national Radio station) top 40 chart and that’s major.

Tbo Touch “number 1 with no album out?” AKA: “Yeah number 1″

You can just hear AKA is in a great mood, he’s feeling good.

Touch starts off by commending AKA “I can see you were brought up well. You’re well grounded” this is after AKA responds to a question about beef he had with another rapper. Now some people started taking note of this rapper when he had beef with Glitz Gang member L-Tido, but we won’t get into that.

AKA admits he didn’t think he was going to be able to top ‘I want it all’ a track which featured heavyweights like PRO and Khuli Chana. That was a banger, still is. He then dropped Victory Lap and a remix, which featured Amunishn, Proverb and HHP. Now getting Amu on your track isn’t child’s play, I mean he is the principal after all. But AKA pulled it off.

I was curious to find out why Amu decided to feature on this track

And he replied…

I can safely say that many people are looking forward to his album.

He says one of the places he’d like to perform in, is Nigeria.

Touch: “You making money right now?” AKA: “Yeah”

Touch gave the listeners a chance to chat to AKA and one caller said “you come across as very pompous” Touch: “by pompous you mean arrogant right?” Caller: “yes” AKA responds: “I’m not pompous, I’m actually very humble, I will stand for an hour to take pictures with fans…”

Touch: “Really? Humble? Humble is when you stand in the queue to get into a club” LOL Touch mara!

The interview was a bit short, ‘coz AKA arrived a little late *side eyes AKA* but we got the jist of what we needed to hear.

Touch mentioned that the first person he interviewed was PRO and he ends off Rhyme and Reason with AKA. AKA was pleased with this. He then let the cat out of the bag (via changes for Metro Fm) “you can buy me a bottle of ACE with that drive time cheque”. Mmmh that’s what you get with Live Radio… Yeah we heard that. Teehehehe! So Touch is moving to a drive-time slot. Congrats to him.

If AKA is your cuppa tea, then look out for his debut album ‘Alter Ego’ it drops next month.

Let’s support our local artists, quality good music. If we don’t, then who will?

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